Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Hello friends,
My name is Archana and I am a software engineer. This is my very first attempt to write a blog so please excuse the flaws.

  Few days back,  when browsing I stumbled across an interesting article on nail art, and I thought to myself its easy enough for me to try. I tried out a very simple pattern and published it on my Facebook page. My friends appreciated me a lot for the effort I put in it and they asked me several questions regarding the process. So I decided to start this blog where I can document the process for future reference as well as a text for others if it helps. I know there are lots of blog dedicated to gadgets, food and other things so why not this?? However this blog will be dedicated not just to nail art but also other arts and crafts or anything creative that I will be doing or experimenting. I would appreciate it if you all give an honest opinion about the articles presented here..
Thank you :) 

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